How we craft the Perfect Pitch

Day 1
Perfect Pitch

Sign NDA

A non-disclosure agreement is used to ensure confidentiality of your business and security of any critical financial information.

Day 2
Perfect Pitch


This is where Perfect Pitch will ask you to provide all relevant material including marketing, graphics, financial information, financial projections (If available), and anything else required for the structuring of the deck.

Perfect Pitch

GOAL Definitions

Our decks are built for one purpose. To achieve the desired outcome for your business. Our corporate team structure the best methods to ensure that the presentation flows according to your unique goal-funding, sales or otherwise.

What is your goal?

Perfect Pitch
Joint Venture
Perfect Pitch
Perfect Pitch
Perfect Pitch
Day 3
Perfect Pitch


This is where you get the first look at the skeleton of what we are creating. This will show the desired structure including flow, market overview, product/business goals and vision, in-depth sales analysis and financial analysis/projections that we produce for your venture.

Day 4
Perfect Pitch

Analyst Collaboration

If your goal is funding, JV or anything that requires analysis, our CFA investment speciallists will conduct a high level overview of your business investment potential, forward projections and a high level review for the purpose of budgets and market valuation.

Perfect Pitch

Valuation and market comparables

Need input on valuation for the purpose of raising funds or seed capital? Our investment team produces a comparables and forward revenue based projection for valuation to support your deck.

Day 5
Perfect Pitch

Designers first Draft

This is your first look at the initial design, structure and flow that creates the foundation of your deck. We send this to you for review and critique before continuing to design the second layer of the presentation.

Day 6
Perfect Pitch


Based on your feedback we will make tweaks to the presentation, structure or any elements that you wish. This produces a second draft within 24 hours.

Day 7
Perfect Pitch

Financial Data Illustration

This is where the data, comparables, projections and any financial overview is passed to the design team to make it beautiful, simple and presentable.

Day 8
Perfect Pitch

Progress update

Our progress update is for the team to touch base with you, clarify any issues, suggest content switching and further focus on some areas depending on the goals for the deck. At this point in time, the team will then have a clear path for completion both in term of design, content and financial collaboration.

Day 9
Perfect Pitch


This 3rd draft is provided for end feedback and leaves 2 whole days for reworking any design changes, last minute enchancements and financial model changes in the deck.

Day 10
Perfect Pitch


This is the day you get your final deck (if not before).
The deck is sent in PDF, Powerpoint and Keynote so you will have access to it anytime you want.